Established in 2010, Star Mobile has grown to be a leader within the SMS industry. Long-term relationships have been forged and a reputation built upon our carefully developed, user friendly, reliable, high capacity, online SMS platform. 
About us 

Star Mobile is a leading provider of multi-channel Mobile Internet communication services, enabling thousands of organizations to interact digitally with customers and stakeholders on a personal, timely, relevant and immediate basis.

Star Mobile delivers packaged closed-loop interactive services that combine the best of SMS, MMS and WAP, as well as Contact Center Recruitment and Product Development.

Star Mobile has clients within Financial Services, Retail, FMCG firms, Mobile Operators and myriad other large organizations to mobilize their brands and drive value around presence, transactions, vouchers, notifications, alerts, campaigns and competitions.

In South Africa, Star Mobile’s WASP business delivers SMS, MMS and email messages to millions of subscribers each month.  

Based in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, our team is passionate about messaging, global communications and working to grow clients’ businesses and making a difference in peoples’ lives.

Our infrastructure, technical expertise, experience and efficient service makes us a firm favorite, and is something we strive to maintain and improve as the South African mobile phone market continues to grow. 

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